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Christmas is coming up and a formal has been planned with everyone invited.  Your hosts are the venerable Vandals and they are hosting the biggest party of the year's end at the House of Blues in Anaheim.  Dave Robinson will be returning to the stage joining us on guitar.  We are also fortunate to have the services of Ted Matson on keys. The date is December 18, the doors open at 7pm and the first band starts at 8:00. However, get there early because
the first band will be us, the Go-Sheilas! Also performing will be Assorted Jelly Beans (yum!). It will be titled a "Christmas Formal" yet, the formalities may be waived in lieu of unique personal style. We hope to see many smiling faces and a few well placed scowls for that scrooge factor that the occasional grinch may bring.
~The Go-Sheilas~  

For those of you on the mailing list we will be sending you a song of the week which you can then pass on to whomever you please.  Enjoy.

Long time no talk.  We have been hiding under our rock for some time now.  Since the smell is becoming unbearable we have decided to clean ourselves up and attempt another live performance (Tobie even bought some new deodorant).  As you may know we are perpetually scavenging for drummers (at least in our minds).  We are always hesitant to venture out in public for fear of not having a bucket beater present.  And, this outing is no different.  With approximately two weeks to show time we plan take a vacation, and then at some point  work in a practice with a new drummer we have never played with before.  But, on Friday, October 23, we rock in Fullerton in an attempt to sonically decimate breast cancer (breasts good, cancer bad).  If you are not with us, then you must like cancer (shame on you!). 

We also, just posted a new video of us performing "Bad Reputation" live at Surf City Saloon in Huntington Beach on YouTube.  This was from a show we did back on 12/5/08.  It was the first show we performed with only one guitar.  We took the video clip from an upcoming cable access show, "OC Dining & Entertainment", that our friend Ernest Kemeny is producing.  Also in the episode are live performances by Loogie and Psychostar.  Here's a link to the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGmxOL8cm8I&feature=player_profilepage  (not sure the HD version works right)

By the way if you or anyone you know plays the drums (making hand gesture and mouthing "call me") let us know.  Lead guitarists are of interest as well.

Missing you already,
The Go-Sheilas

The adventures of Sheila and Ernest . . .So we have this idea to film a music video for 99 Red Balloons and put it on YouTube.  It involves me trying to get our song played on various radio stations and then subsequently getting rejected by each only to have it become an internet sensation.  Ernest is handy with  camera and always game for film action (especially on his turf) so we headed up to LA armed with addresses of local radio stations and an arm-full of Go-Sheila CDs.  Clear Channel did not disappoint. The behemoth multi-station conglomerate incapsulating 98.7 and 104.3 promptly scolded Ernest for video taping within the building, and again within the station's lobby.  The grouchy reception would not speak to us, but for the finger-pointing and order (disobeyed of course) for Ernest to turn off the camera.  It was our first attempt and the footage was marginal, but we now were mastering the art of "shoot and run".  Turns out we didn't need to.  At Indie 103.1, not only did the receptionist refuse to kick me out, but she accepted my CD and offered to give it to whomever I wanted.  This did not make for good "rejection" footage.  But her friend was game and willingly provided 2 takes of her "kicking me out" of the station.  Hope Andy can edit out the giggles.  And finally we hit KROQ just as darkness set in.  I veered into the security gate of their compound prepared for instant eviction.  No one noticed me, so I parked.  Ernest and I leaped out and rushed the pedestrian guard post with camera rolling.  This was going to be good!  It turns out I didn't have a good enough reason to go inside the station, so we were halted at the gate.  Excellent. now for the rejection footage.  The guard, upon learning about our video, promptly became a candidate for an academy award as he proceeded to dramatically kick me out for no less than 3 takes.  We thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas, then headed back to the car.  But he caught us and lead us into the station where I tried in vain to be rejected by their receptionist.  She was so sweet, she took a CD for each DJ, plus the music director, then she gamely "rejected" me on camera several times.  Then Ernest and I jumped in the car and fled the scene.  In our minds we were being chased by KROQ security guards for violating their perimeter and obtaining contraband video footage- in reality, we gave out 7 CDS and were wished good luck and a merry christmas by all.  Now the rest is up to you. Check out the following links for video footage of me in my panic room as I desperately reach out to our fans for webcam footage to help finish this project . . .
Sheila's plea for help
making of the video outtake

We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with True Anthem and Guitar Center to bring you our new album for FREE.  So if you don't already have our album you can download it HERE  for free or you can get it now at our MySpace page.  Grab this widget and post it to your page and pass it on to your friends so they can download it too.  You can still get the full CD commercial free including "99 Red Balloons" on our website, iTunes, CD baby, MyFavoriteBand.com and Amazon MP3.   If you purchase a CD through our website Sheila and Andy will autograph the CD case.  Just send us a note and tell us if you want it made out to anyone in particular.

Our longtime lead guitarist Dave Robinson recently left the band to pursue his own musical stylings.  In addition, some of you may have noticed that we have  been cycling through various drummers since Dan Carlton left earlier this year.  Currently, drummer Danny Baeza and guitarist Aaron Chabak are filling in temporarily until we find suitable replacements.

The OC Weekly: Locals Only

The artwork for the Go-Sheilas' CD Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (RemLo Productions) simulates the wear marks, split seams and cracked, torn cardboard of an old vinyl LP sleeve. It's the Orange County quintet's way of non-verbally communicating that the sounds within will throw you back to the pre-digital era—specifically, the first flush of punk and new wave in the U.S.

It may say 2008 on your desk calendar, but for the Go-Sheilas (and many other groups today), time ground to a halt during Reagan's first year in office. You've heard bands like the Go-Sheilas before, and you'll hear more like them in the future. Their presence is about as surprising as the preponderance of 7-Elevens in any American metropolis.

Lest that last sentence sound overly negative, let me hasten to say that the Go-Sheilas are one of the best proponents of that loud-fast-catchy brand of punk that comes draped in new-wave couture. Produced to a highly compressed, barbed sheen by the Go-Sheilas' guitarist Andy Fisher and played with chops tighter than your monthly budget, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 works your well-worn pleasure centers with maximum efficiency and quickness. I foresee many licensing deals to television and film ("Simple Plan" already has graced TV shows The Loop and Notes From the Underbelly).

The 12 songs here—totaling 32 minutes—are as lean and fleet as those on the Ramones' eponymous debut LP, while Sheila Go-Sheila adds doll-cute dollops of vocal sucrose to the linear ramalama. The hooks in each tune are so immediate you'll be humming or singing along before the track even ends. It's as if Fisher—the Go-Sheilas' sole songwriter—has spent the past decade studying the masters of accessible pop punk and honed their tics into tight packets of euphoria as familiar and comfortable as your Vans kicks.

Greatest Hits Vol. 1 sounds calculated but undeniably skilled, uplifting and, you know, fun. But, honestly, the funked-up cover of Nena's "99 Red Balloons" gilds the lily.
-Dave Segal (OC Weekly)

GO-SHEILAS - Greatest Hits Vol. 1: It's about time this Orange County Pop-Punk got an album out and I can tell you what it was certainly well worth the wait. From the opening track 'Better Life' you know you've made the right decision to purchase the album as every tune on here is a great Pop-Punk experience. My only grumble would be the closing track '99 Red Balloons' which is done very well but it seems every female fronted band covers this song - It's getting too predictable now! Andy Fisher and Dave Robinson sound like they're having the time of their lives on their guitars. Not only that there's also Tobie Hutton playing some great bass lines with Dan Carlton keeping them in time with some excellent drum work. Sheila Go-Sheila really gives it some on vocals with a great sounding voice with plenty of balls to go with it unlike many female vocalists who prefer just to look pretty. As I said there's some great songs on here which include 'Simple Plan', 'The Lonely Road', 'Holiday' and 'My Life On TV'. You can't go wrong here if Pop-Punk is your thing and what's more you get a great production and a well packaged sleeve. Yep a winner here! 9.5/10

-Street Voice
July 15, 2011   9:00 Pm
The Back Alley Bar and Grill (21+)  
Fullerton, California
w/Saints & Sinners and D-Cup